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All About Shea Butter

Shea butter is an extremely moisturizing butter which is extracted from the African Shea tree. It is also edible and can be used for waterproofing wax, hair dressing, and candle making. Here at the Bubble Library, we use it for skin.

Shea contains unsaponifiables and when it is used in high quantities, produces a soft and moisturizing soap. Unsaponifiables are components of a fatty substance ie oils, fats, or wax, that can't form into a soap when added to an alkali, and remains insoluble in water, resulting in beautifully moisturized skin.

Benefits of shea butter include soft and hydrated skin, with less itching, scratching, cracking or flaking, making it excellent for sensitive skin. The oatmeal and shea bar has also been reported by some of our customers, to have reduced eczema flare ups.

All of our shea butter soaps are SLS, SLE, phthalate and paraben free. We use ultra refined and eco-certified shea, with vegan friendly ingredients, and they are safe for kiddos aged 3 months +.

Check out the entire on our website for Shea Butter.

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